Artist Michiko Koyama works

長野県長野市で美容室を経営しながら、Hair Make Up Artist .Kimono Stylist.として 和と洋の自由な表現の作品を発信しております。

While I'm running my own Hair salon in Nagano City,with my passion as a hair make artist and as a kimono fashion artist,I have engaged in directing and creating uncoventional kimono-blend fashion as my life -long endeavor.


My original merchandise featuring "Michiko Koyama's Artworks"and"Biyoshitsu AKaRI"is now available!


Would you like to dress up like one of my artworks and take a picture?


Feel free to contact us through our website.


My next ambition is to expand my patron base,so more purchase from overseas or even hosting exhibitions of my artworks in your countries would justify and encourage what I do .